Founder and Executive Chairman

Mr. Santiago Jiménez Barrull 






Mr Santiago Jiménez Barrull is the Chairman of maatGroup, the holding company of  one of the most innovative and fast growing independent privately owned Structured Corporate Finance  Services Group (est. 1999) established around maatGroup with corporate presence in Europe, UAE, Africa and Asia.


Mr Jiménez´s leadership and business experience accumulated both in Public and Private Sector marked a change in the pioneering the development of Internet in Europe; Corporate Strategy of Professional Services offering into the Structured Corporate Services (Multilateral Agencies, Investment Funds, Private Equities, Development Funds,...); Real Estate, Property Development, Housing, Energy, Transport Infrastructures, Agriculture and Trading industry in Africa and LATAM and Research & Development into the Circular Economy;  ICT industry and Finance.


Mr. Jiménez has also developed strategic relationships within the field of mineral resource exploration and commercial trading platforms on global basis.


Mr. Jiménez is a venture capitalist in various companies and he is a founding member of key Corporate Social Responsibility Programs and Institutions ( on a global basis related to Health, Education, Social Development, and especially Children Empowerment in unfavorable living conditions – orphans, poor, unstructured families,...-


One of Mr. Jiménez’s greatest challenges was his support in the development of a new business model of Investment Banking based onto his strong relationship with a worldwide network of key prominent entrepreneurs and professionals and high net worth individuals at international level.


Mr. Jiménez’s Vision:Evolving Organizations from Value Chains to Value Networks as the key source of competitive advantage to promote Sustainable and Social Communities Development around the Globe through the alignment of Corporate Finance with Infrastructures Development and Technology Services