Key #1 - Prioritse Regenerative Resources

Ensure renewable, reusable, non-toxic resources are utilised as materials and energy in an efficient way.

The argument is that the planet is the global ecosystem, source of the resources necessary for society and at the same time dumping of all the waste caused by economic activity.

As the planet is finite, the global ecosystem obviously has limits both as a source of resources and regenerative capacity, and as a capacity for assimilation.

As the economic system has evolved exponentially, it is currently too large in relation to the global ecosystem ... (Bifani, 1997, p.125)


Economic focus

This approach is the development of a concept of sustainable development in economic terms and can be argued from the Bruntland Report that says the following:

We see the possibility of a new era of economic growth that must be based on policies that sustain and expand the resource base of the environment; and we believe that this growth is absolutely essential to alleviate the great poverty that continues to accentuate in much of the developing world ... (World Commission on Environment and Development, 1990, pp.21-22)

The economic growth at all costs is seen as a condition to protect nature. The idea of investment, in order to achieve sustainable development, ensures the compatibility of economic growth and development with the protection of the environment. Economic growth and the strengthening of competitiveness will be reflected in private investment in nature and biodiversity and a decrease in absolute terms of emissions dangerous to the environment as a result of the technological development of private companies. This conception bets for an "intelligent growth" of the economy supposing that the general pressure on the environment diminishes. Thus, sustainable development will be a consequence of economic growth.

It´s argued that it is natural for humanity to fight for the continued growth of production and consumption. The basic idea is that economic growth is a necessary condition to increase protection and environmental renewal, as it will create private investment interested in protecting ecosystems. Also, economic growth is considered vital for the sustainable development of the world, because only in this way can wealth be distributed to those who are now marginalized. As long as there is no growth, there can not be equity.


maat Group´s Solutions comply this premise


The systems and solutions developed by maat Group are, by default: customizables and reusables.

All components, software parts and procedures are designed generically for the purpose that they make sense and adapt to the environment and context in which they are invoked

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