Key #7 - Collaborate to Create Joint Value

Work together throughout the supply chain, internally within organisations and with the public sector to increase transparency and create joint value

Join forces across value chains in forums, engage with other companies  and stakeholders to remove barriers and  work on solutions that will create growth  while reducing impact. Achieving a circular transformation  requires teamwork across functional  areas (i.e. R&D, procurement, supply chain, manufacturing and marketing).

For instance, the director of a trade association manages a membership organisation composed of multiple companies within a specific industry.

The director can support the circular economy by encouraging greater collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking between companies.

As such, the director can employ the ‘collaborate to create joint value’ strategy in order to contribute to the circular economy.


maat Group´s Solutions comply this premise


maat Group´s way of joint value generation is the design, deployment and ready for use of "Business eCosystems", that provide of pooling the efforts of all its participants and promoting the rapprochement between supply and demand as a mechanism of interaction and gestation of collaborative proposals.

The add of the parts becomes "a whole". It is an old axiom very applicable to these times where the demanded solutions necessarilly  require efforts that participatives and collaboratives

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