Circular Economy - The seven keys

The circular economy is a $4.5 trillion opportunity. It presents huge potential for global economic growth and will also accelerate society towards a sustainable future

The concept of the circular economy  isn’t widely understood by business.  Mobilizing this opportunity will remain  a challenge until many more business  leaders adopt a “circular mindset.”

This is the biggest opportunity  to transform production and consumption since the First Industrial  Revolution 250 years ago. By  unleashing circular innovation, we can  boost the global economy’s resilience,  support people and communities  around the world and help fulfill the Paris Agreement and the UN  Sustainable Development Goals

The circular  economy is a new  way of looking at  the relationships  between markets,  customers and  natural resources

Businesses are keen to take action, but aren’t sure where or how  to start. It´s a call to action that will help you get into a circular mindset

The circular economy moves away  from the traditional “take-make-  dispose” economic model to one that  is regenerative by design. The goal is  to retain as much value as possible  from resources, products, parts and  materials to create a system that  allows for long life, optimal reuse,  refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling

Companies who implement the  circular economy concentrate  on rethinking products and services using principles based on  durability, renewability, reuse, repair,  replacement, upgrades, refurbishment  and reduced material use.

By applying these principles,  companies can design out waste,  increase resource productivity  and decouple growth from natural  resource consumption

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